Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick Review

As one of the most anticipated and innovative hockey sticks to hit the market since the original Easton composite first hit the scene in 2000, the Easton Stealth RS is on the cutting edge of both form and function.

TheCheckingLine.com has an excellent review of the stick, including a video.

From the post:

The RS felt like it had no weight to it. I could move the stick around very easily with both hands, or handling the puck with only one hand. It also felt very sturdy despite its low weight, which would make you think that it would break easier, but the extra layers of composite clearly get the job done. The honey comb blade was very strong and doesn’t bend like cheaper sticks, which makes the stick’s effectiveness on shots increase. While shooting, this was the first time I felt very confident in my shot. I could feel the bend in the stick and the spring-board flex effect when the puck exploded off the blade. The RS is the best stick I have ever used.





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